prepGEM Bacteria

Suitable for processing gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, protozoa, archaea, colonies and liquid cultures, biofilm and mucosal samples, swabs, and metagenomic DNA including soil, stool and water; Produces single-stranded DNA suitable for PCR, qPCR, targeted sequencing (amplicon sequencing) from metagenomic samples, 16S rDNA sequencing

Effortless, DNA extraction from a wide range of bacterial samples… in minutes not hours.
MicroGEM’s prepGEM Bacteria kit provides a simple automated approach to studying a wide range of microbial cultures. Every aspect of the MicroGEM method ensures the samples are processed quickly and gently. Minimal sample prep, closed tube processing, and gentle lysis ensure that cross contamination and DNA fragmentation are drastically reduced, making MicroGEM’s extraction process streamlined while preserving the integrity of low abundance species.
Sample types: colonies, biofilms, liquid cultures, sputum, swabs, soil & stool
Downstream applications: PCR, qPCR, Amplicon Sequencing
Key advantages:
• Single-tube extraction
• Minimal transfer steps - opportunities for mistakes and contamination are minimized
• Improved community representation in metagenomic samples
• No ionic detergents or chaotropic salts
• No magnetic beads – No spin-columns
• Flexibility - suitable for low-throughput to high-throughput extraction with a single protocol
• Easily automated using standard liquid handling solutions
• Minimal plasticware required - Reduced waste and supply chain issues


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